DAILY LOG | Day 1 | 12.6.18

Today marks the first real post of this blog.

Today marks the first real post of this blog. 

The goal is to make at least one post per day either in the form of a log like this one, or in the form of some sort of art or reference for ideas that I may have. Sometimes it may just have my thoughts for the day and sometimes it may have a painting or project that I’ve been working on. It just depends on the mood I’m in at the moment.

I guess the first thing I’d like to do here is really introduce myself, and what I plant to do with this blog in general. 

We will be breaking things down into three or four sections:

The Oddball Campaign Podcast

Now I’m sure you’ve seen the first few posts that have been added. Well… Backdated really. They are the first six episodes of the Oddball Campaign – a fifth edition dungeons and dragons podcast that my friends and I have decided to start. We’re all really excited to be doing it and I figured I would share it in as many places as possible. We try to put episodes out every other Wednesday… I’m the main editor for the podcast and I’m still getting used to actually editing the audio in general to make it sound good. I hope you join in because we really are having a lot of fun with it and hope you do too!

These have four tags to them: -PODCAST- / -ODDBALL- / -EPISODE- / Oddball Campaign: Season 1

Personal Projects | Art | Writing

I don’t know exactly how I plan to do this part, but it might just pop up here and there. I have various personal projects going on in the form of art, writing, and the like. I’m also trying to figure out how I want to format a novel that I am plotting. So you will see the formations of those ideas and musings in the form of art and or writing.

I really like doing world building so you’ll see a lot of things like characters and scenery and the like for future projects. One of which is the third season of the Oddball Campaign. (spoiler: we record way ahead of time and are currently recording season 2… there are reasons for that which I may or may not explain later)

I have a few tags for these posts: -ART- / -REFERENCE- / -WRITING- / -OTHER- / -[MONTH]-

Personal Logs

These posts will be kind of a way for me to organize my thoughts, and give me a reason to rant about life. And even if people read them, I won’t be giving away any really personal information. 

I’ll give life updates, big life events, random ideas, and so much more. I know my life isn’t very interesting… but sometimes we’ve gotta have someone to talk to right? Heck I might even share with you guy’s my adventures in cooking, because everyone needs to be able to cook and sometimes I find some really interesting recipes from websites like Epicurious.com and a few others. 

My tags for these posts include: -[MONTH]- / -PERSONAL- / -OTHER- / -COOKING- (optional) / 

Author: The Average Owl-Cat

Hello all! I hope you enjoyed the post! There's a lot more where that came from too. I update every day (or at least try to). If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or send me a message. I'm always up for new ideas!

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