DAILY LOG | DAY 2 | 12.7.18

Character study 1. A character that may come up in season 2 of the Oddball Campaign, but that won’t be for a while. So for now, enjoy my concept of her as well as a drawing!

Hey guys! Character study 1. A character that may come up in season 2 of the Oddball Campaign, but that won’t be for a while. So for now, enjoy my concept of her as well as a drawing!

Character’s Full name: Tena Dormad
Reason or meaning of name: No reason it’s just her name.
Nickname: Thunder thighs
Reason for Nickname: can crush someone’s head with her thighs, has and will.
Race: Orc
Occupation: Guard for an expedition into space
Social Class: Lower middle.

Physical Appearance
Age: 43
How old does she appear: 30
Eye Color: Ice blue
Hair Color: Black
Style: thick curls tied back
Weight: 240 pure muscle
Height: 7′ 1″
Type of body/build: Pure muscle
Skin Tone: Light green
Skin Type: thick and rough
Shape of Face: Square and sharp features
Distinguishing Marks: none
Freckles: None
Moles: none
Scars: Mostly on her upper body from fights.
Predominant Feature: Her tusks are long and mighty
Looks Like: See picture
Is she healthy?: very healthy.


Favorite Color: Lilac
Least favorite color: Dark blue
Why: it reminds her of the emptyness of space
favorite music: Classical
least favorite music: Hard rock
why: she doesn’t like the guitars
Food: Meat
Literature: She doesn’t read
expletives: Fuck this shit I’m out
Mode of transportation: Motor bike
daredevil or cautious? Daredevil
Same when alone? same when alone
Habits? bites her lower lip when nervous
What? Hard whiskey
When and how much? Not much and only when alone
Hobbies: taking care of small animals.
How does she spend a rainy day? staring at the rain.

Hometown: Unknown
type of Childhood: One with lots of siblings
First memory: Getting beaten up by the schools bully and making him regret it by putting him in a headlock for five minute straight, almost breaking his neck.
most important childhood event that still affects her: Taking care of her siblings when her parents got ill
why? It made her protective of younger generations
Education: top graduate at the academy for the armada
Religion: None
Finances: had to work for food.

Mother: A hard working woman who never knew the meaning of take a break. She would constantly work herself to the bone to provide for her children.
Relationship with her: She was very close to her mother, often working as hard as she did to provide for the family.
Father: Absent for much of the day, mainly to provide money to his family. However he does try to spend as much time as possible with his family when he is around.
Relationship with him: She is his little solder, keeping the younger ones safe and constantly telling him about her ambitions to become part of the armada.
siblings: yes
How many?: 6
birth order: Tena/ Bosch (m)/ Sadie (f) / Temple (f) and Telma (f)/ Zenn (m)
Relationship with each: She is often seen as the guardian of all of them, as she is the oldest by several years, however she treats each and every one of them as individuals
Children of siblings: N/A
Extended Family? N/A
Close? N/A
Why or why not? Many of her siblings went separate ways when she joined the academy. And when she disappeared they never heard from her again.

Most at ease when: She’s with a tiefling by the name of Serik.
Ill at ease when: She’s around sick people.
Priorities: her crew and her family are her main priorities, she must keep them safe at all times.
Philosophy: If you can be kind to those who need it, you are doing ok in life.
How she feels about self: She sees herself as a person who needs to be the best at what she was trained to do, which was protect and serve a team that was sent on a suicide mission.
Past failure she would be embarrassed to have people know about: She had to sabotage her way to the top of the academy, mainly by threatening her other classmates to step down.
Why: She thought that if she could be the best and land a spot on one of the upcoming missions that she would be able to provide for a family that was slowly dieing out.
If granted one wish what would it be: To go home
Why?: She’s lost in space.

Greatest Strength: Intimidation
Greatest Weakness: Foresight
Char’s soft spot: Myve as a baby
is the soft spot obvious to others: when Myve was born Tena would have gladly gone back to the planet she came from just to be able to see her grow up. so yes, it was obvious.
If not how does she hide it
Biggest vulnerability: Myve.

Optimist or pessimist: Optimist
why: this has all got to be better than when we left right?
Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert
Why?: it takes quite a lot to intimidate your whole class.
Drives and Motivations: Motivation has always been her family
Talents: command
Extremely skilled at: Fighting and commanding others
Extremely unskilled at: Cooking
good characteristics: she is extremely loyal to the point where she would go to extreme lengths to make the person or faction that she’s loyal to happy.
character flaws: She has a temper and can be sort of a bully.
mannerisms: very pushy, to the point where it could be seen as bossy.
Peculiarities: ?
Biggest regret: Giving up Myve
minor regrets: Bullying her way to the top.
biggest accomplishments: Getting to the top of her graduating class
Darkest secret: she killed Myve’s father on accident, or at least she feels like she did. She knew the mission that he would be going on, on an unknown planet would be dangerous and she still let him go.
Does anyone else know? No

Author: The Average Owl-Cat

Hello all! I hope you enjoyed the post! There's a lot more where that came from too. I update every day (or at least try to). If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or send me a message. I'm always up for new ideas!

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