DAILY LOG | DAY 6 | 12.12.18

Their fingers twisted and twirled around yarn that seemed to shift and change colors with every knit and purl on a scarf that was wrapping and piling at the base of the velvet chair.

“Well this is one heck of a tangle” Veasna sat on their plush chair in the corner of a quaint reading room. Crystals of all colors and sizes are scattered around the room, casting a soft glow of varying colors across the room.

Their fingers twisted and twirled around yarn that seemed to shift and change colors with every knit and purl on a scarf that was wrapping and piling at the base of the velvet chair. Pulling at a tangle in a skeen of pure white yarn they huffed in frustration, “This only happens when something big is going to happen… and by the size of this knot we will be dealing with something even bigger….” glancing at the skeen their face paled. It shifted in color for the briefest of moments from pure white to a nasty looking black before going back to it’s normal color.


It took a moment for them to register what had happened before they jumped up, keeping hold of their knitting, and running through the white of the halls of a huge mansion. “DOMINIA!” they bellowed, their voice echoing through the halls. They ran through the halls before making it to a posh looking foyer where a towering woman dressed entirely in white was directing a young celestial stag in his humanoid form, showing him his job as star coordinator. “Dominia! You need to see this immediately!”

Dominia didn’t turn around, but instead waved her hand to the cieling above. Stars from the nearby system project into the ceiling “Ok Elwin you are in charge of this system, you have jurisdiction over it all, make me proud and you will gain another.” The boy nods and began watching the swirling stars. The towering woman then turned her attention to Veasna, “You had something to show me young Veasna?”

They nodded, nervously shifting their weight from foot to foot and holding up the skeen and the scarf, that was trailing out of the room, “The skeen is becoming tangled and it’s flashing to black for longer periods” biting their lip they held the skeen to their chest, “it’s also getting smaller, and that has never happened before…”

The older Goddess held out her hand to the younger God. Hesitantly Veasna handed over the skeen but held tight to their rainbow knitting needles and the end of the multicolored scarf. “How often has this been happening Veasna?” Dominia inspected the skeen closely, as it flashed black a few times her brow furrowed in concentration.

Veasna was quiet for a moment in thought before speaking, “it first started about a year ago…” they looked up at the older goddess with tears in their eyes, “will everything be ok?!”

Dominia held up a hand for the younger deity to quiet, “It means that the end of this universe is coming, you need to find out which beings are going to be part of this and warn the others.” she hands the skeen back to them and turns back to the stars, “We have little time before the planes begin to break down. Get started Veasna.”

The young deity took the skeen gently and wandered out of the foyer the scarf trailing behind them. This was a lot of information to take in and there was so much to do. “I can’t let this happen…” straightening their back and with new resolve, they sprinted back to their sitting room. There were letters to write and a bat who was going to deliver it.

Author: The Average Owl-Cat

Hello all! I hope you enjoyed the post! There's a lot more where that came from too. I update every day (or at least try to). If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or send me a message. I'm always up for new ideas!

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