Character Study: Ansya Orph

Hey guys! Character study 2. A character that may come up in season 2 of the Oddball Campaign, but that won’t be for a while. So for now, enjoy my concept of her as well as a drawing!

Character’s Full name: Ansya Orph
Reason or meaning of name: Name was chosen by her Father
Nickname: The Missing Link
Reason for Nickname: She keeps transforming into cryptid type creatures, especially when she wants attention
Race: Half Orc/ Half Tiefling
Occupation: Botanist and animal keeper
Social Class: Rebel

Physical Appearance
Age: 16
How old does she appear: 17
Eye Color: Ice blue
Hair Color: Dark Purple
Style: Shoulder length hair with bangs
Weight: 180 lbs
Height: 5’7″
Type of body/build: Lean and mean
Skin Tone: Light green
Skin Type: Fair
Shape of Face: sort of square with a pointed chin
Distinguishing Marks: None
Freckles: None
Moles: None
Scars: Various scars from animals she has tried to befrend/tame
Predominant Feature: Her short stubby horns pertruding from her forehead and her long lanky tail.
Looks Like: See picture
Is she healthy?: very healthy.

Favorite Color: Deep Forest Green
Least favorite color: Yellow of any type
Why: It reminds her of the Golden Sanctuary and the stupid lightbulb heads.
favorite music: pan flute
least favorite music: Heavy Metal and Screamo
why: It’s too… screamy
Food: Blueberries and Razzberries
Literature: Very much loves reading fantasy type stories
expletives: *Great Googly Moogly*
Mode of transportation: Walking/running/freerunning
daredevil or cautious? Daredevil
Same when alone? Same
Habits? Plays with her tail and uses it as a talking point quite often.
What? Fruit Juice
When and how much? She is constantly drinking the fucking juice. You have to pry it out of her cold dead hands.
Hobbies: Tossing potions and glass bottles at people to gauge their reaction when they hit the ground.
How does she spend a rainy day? playing in the rain.

type of Childhood: Supposedly an only child, she was given free reign of the base camp and found that many people were very very kind to her.
First memory: Watching mom lead a debriefing meeting while hiding behind her.
most important childhood event that still affects her: Being told by her mom that should she die, the whole rebellion would be hers to lead.
why? It causes her to not have any part of the rebellion in general.
Education: a mix between self taught and taught by those around her, she spent a lot of time with the gardeners and the ones who took care of the animals and food.
Finances: She sold most of her magical potions and experiments to the other side of the rebellion behind her mom’s back. Therefore she has a bit saved up

Mother: Leader of the Rebellion on a far away planet. (Tena)
Relationship with her: She’s not very close with her mom, considering that she is trying to push the responsibility of the Rebellion onto Ansya.
Father: A brilliant astrophysicist (Serik)
Relationship with him: He died when she was two, but she absolutely adored the magic that he would perform for her to entertain her.
siblings: Yes
How many?: 1
birth order: Myve (19)
Relationship with each: She does not know about Myve as of now.
Children of siblings: N/A
Extended Family? N/A
Close? N/A
Why or why not? She grew up in a totally different galaxy/universe from Myve.

Most at ease when: She is away from her mom and in the gardens
Ill at ease when: She is in front of crowds
Priorities: Her freedom and not letting her mom know that she is selling food and goods to the “enemy”.
Philosophy: Keep your friends close, and treat others how you would want to be treated.
How she feels about self: She feels confident in herself and her abilities as a druid. her magic is strong and she often flaunts it with her ability to grow food for many more people.
Past failure she would be embarrassed to have people know about: Being someplace where she knows she shouldn’t have been.
Why: the situation she put herself in, is what basically what caused her father to die.
If granted one wish what would it be: To bring her father back
Why?: She misses him and to say sorry.

Greatest Strength: Bluff
Greatest Weakness: innocence
Char’s soft spot: An old gardener that taught her everything about being a druid.
is the soft spot obvious to others: Not really
If not how does she hide it: She hides it by pretending to not like him at all.
Biggest vulnerability: her tail.

Optimist or pessimist: Optimist
why: There’s always good in people, even if we can’t see it
Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert
Why?: She’s peppy!
Drives and Motivations: She wants to bring everyone together just to get them to stop this endless fighting.
Talents: Plants and Growing them
Extremely skilled at: Growing plants
Extremely unskilled at: Getting people to do what she wants.
good characteristics: Friendly.
character flaws: She has the tendency to be a pushover, and people end up using her as a gopher quite often.
mannerisms: polite and peppy, almost sickly so.
Peculiarities: ?
Biggest regret: Her father dying.
minor regrets: acting like her mentor is less than he really is.
biggest accomplishments: ensuring that the food sources in the rebellion are flourishing to the point where they have excess that is going to waste.
Darkest secret: She hates her mom to the point where she will run away from her on the first ship that decides to take her.
Does anyone else know? Yes, her mentor does.

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