Oddball Campaign Podcast

Welcome to the ODDBALL CAMPAIGN!

With the surprising amount of Dungeons and Dragons podcasts being released, we thought it would make a good change of pace to make one that was a little bit different. Come see how exactly we can bend the rules of the game to make this world a little bit odd. Join four nerds make their way through a story unlike any other, because you know that you want to, and you’re just a little bit curious.

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S1:E1: The Festival of Fire

An adventure begins with a whole bunch of crazy shit going down. You never know what you’re going to find when a Tiefling Bard, a Fighter Kenku, and a Human Warlock get together and cause chaos.

S1:E2: A Festival on Fire

Shit gets real! And the DM tries to kill off the characters in the first ever fight.

S1:E3: Band on the Run

When in the woods, the best thing to do is to tell your whole story right? RIGHT? Wait… Maybe that’s not right. Why is there a unicorn here??! Lets see what the group gets into.

S1:E4: Arrive in Landfall

Leave a train? check. Get into town? check. Make yourself known by the sheriff for shit that you’ve been convicted in? Wait…. What?

S1:E5: Artifact Found, Sheep Acquired 

When sheep are found, you gotta go pet them. Especially if they are the size of a FUCKING MINI COOPER. Oh and did I mention that the artifact has been found? So there’s that.

S1:E6: An Eviction Notice

When you the sheriff says get the heck out, and you don’t get out, you get an eviction notice. And said eviction notice comes in the form of a little girl, a bird, and a scary demon goat.

S1:E7: Life is Just the Pits

You can’t just give us what you want without getting into a fight can you? Holy shit look, we just want the star. Whelp, prepare yourself for a fight.

S1:E8: Pitstop Number One

The group splits up for some much needed R&R.

S1:E9: Turtle Time

The crew heads to FANTASY VEGAS! And what is the first thing on their minds? Strip Clubs.

S1:E10: What Happens in Fantasy Vegas

What happens in Fantasy Vegas stays in Fantasy Vegas, and when that entails gambling then you just go along with it.

S1:E11: Below the Pyramid

The crew infiltrate the pyramid casino.